2014 Lake Erie Walleye Bag Limit for Michigan Set

The Lake Erie walleye bag limit for Michigan’s waters is to remain at six fish for an individual per day. This limit is to begin May 1st.
This limit mirrors the limit set for the 2013 season and is considered to be on the more liberal side. Michigan's daily limit for walleyes on Lake Erie is based on its share of the Total Allowable Catch (TAC) for the lake. The TAC is determined by the Lake Erie Committee under the guidance of the Great Lakes Fishery Commission. The TAC is set with respect to overall abundance of walleyes. The committee discusses the recommendations provided by The Great Lakes Fishery Commission and establishes quotas for each jurisdiction based on the percentage of habitat for adult walleyes in each jurisdiction's waters of the lake. This includes Michigan, Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, and Ontario. The daily limit is based on a formula that projects how many walleyes anglers can keep but still remain within the quota.
Unfortunately, walleye recruitment hasn’t been as successful in recent years and with a particularly long winter allowing anglers out on the ice longer, we may see a reduction in bag limits in the years to come. For now, however, the limit is to remain at six per day for Michigan’s waters of Lake Erie for the 2014 Season.

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