2013 MUCC Club Tree Giveaway

Open to all clubs that are affiliated with Michigan United Conservation Clubs.
WHEN: Saturday, May 11, 2013 9am – 1pm
WHERE: Van Pines Nursery 14731 Baldwin St. West Olive, MI 49460 (616) 399-1620
WHAT: Hand Out: 300 plants per Club Eastern White Pine Jumbo Husky Transplants White Spruce Norway Spruce
CONIFERS TRANSPLANTS: Austrian Pine $.50 each Arborvitae $.50 each Firs $.50 each Hemlocks $.50 each Scotch Pines $.50 each Black Hills Spr. $.50 each Blue Spruce $.50 each Norway Spruce $.50 each White Spruce $.50 each
ASSORTED SUPER POTTED LINERS: $1.00 each Pine Spruce Fir
ASSORTED A/G PLUGS $.25 each Pine Spruce Fir Arborvitae Hemlock
Thank you to Donna Briggs for helping organize the tree giveaway! Also, if you receive trees, please remember to send a thank you to Van Pines for this wonderful opportunity!
Download the Flyer to distribute at your club

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